The love affair between WOTOFO, Mr.JustRight1 & TVC.

WOTOFO Profile Unity RTA

In August 2018, WOTOFO and Mr.JustRight1 released the Profile RDA. It was one of the first RDAs using mesh coils as default in the opposite of standard round wire coils.

Then, in March 2019 and now with the engagement of The Vapor Chronicles, an innovative rebuildable tank atomizer with unique features was released. We’re having a look at the Profile Unity RTA!

Read the full review here;

An update!

Finally! It’s been a while hasn’t it!
A lot of stuff has happened since the last time I updated this site and I’m now finally able to give you guys an update.

My involvement in Norwegian vape advocacy last year and throughout this year has taken a serious amount of my time, effort and personal investment. The #JegErBevis campaign was both a success and a lesson learned. I will come back to that at a later point. Besides advocacy, I also participated in Vaper Expo UK in October 2018, which was probably one of the best weekends I’ve had in a very long time. The community is incredible welcoming and including, and it was nice to walk around talking with vendors, visitors and like minded vapers throughout the weekend.

I was also meant to participate in May’s 2019 Vaper Expo but sadly the airline I was traveling with, had a pilot strike which regrettably resulted in hundreds of canceled flights including my own. I am however attending Vaper Expo in October 2019, so if you’re going please do come find me for a chat!

Besides advocacy and travelling, I have also changed server locations for the domain. You would think it would be an easy process but man oh man how wrong you would be! Turned out that the entirety of my website was gone and vanished for 5 whole days! I must have gained gray hair during these days as I had to edit server paths and updating a database that simply would not have it and then troubleshooting for several days. I’m just grateful that I’m a little bit tech savvy and at the end I managed to get my site back up and running again!

My site is gaining a lot of Norwegian visitors and readers, which I’m incredible grateful for. It simply confirms that we still have a very long way to go when it comes to the basic and general information in Norwegian, about vaping. Meanwhile I am also gaining visitors from abroad, hence why I am writing this post in English.

I’m realizing that in order for my site to grow, I will need to expand my site outside of our own borders so that information and knowledge can be learned and shared within our community regardless of language. What is already written in Norwegian will not be translated, but future posts and reviews will be written in both Norwegian and English. I hope you can appreciate how time consuming this will be on my behalf, but I see it as a necessity this point in time.

Honestly I’m just grateful that you guys are reading and that you keep coming back as well, all in all it simply proves to me that the expansion is needed indeed.

I have also been contacted by the well known Chinese manufacturer Wotofo who kindly asked if I was interested in doing a review of one of their products. I have accepted to do so without being part of any affiliate program, sponsorships nor the involvement of ad revenue through Google ads or such alike. I’m humble to have been approached by a company such as Wotofo and even though I know the company, I will give their product an honest and unbiased review.

Because of not only returning Norwegian visitors, but also foreign ones, I have secured myself two new domains; and For now they are both pointing towards but with time, the main domain for this website will be (with and pointing towards the main domain). The process of swapping domains is rather tedious and I expect some down time during the swap. It also means a new database, lots of server path editing, social media links and names needs updating and so on. There’s quite the logistics behind a swap! But I hope nevertheless that you are patient and will return to see this website in all its new glory when time is due.

Take care everyone!
Catch you lovelies on the flip side!
~ Nina.

Et brilliant lite verktøy!

Coily Tool



Hvor mange coiler har du måttet kaste fordi du kuttet av for mye benlengde?
Hvor mange coiler har du ødelagt fordi du kom borti nabocoilen med avklippertanga når du skulle trimme benlendgen?

Dette er noe enhver selvbygger kjenner til.
Irritasjonen over å klippe for mye, feilkutte og ødelagte coiler som et resultat av knøling i trange byggedekk.
Coily Tool er et brilliant lite verktøy som vil gi deg en presis benlengde på coilen uansett hvilke byggedekk du skal coile. Verktøyet er svært enkelt men akk så trøblete å beskrive – så omtalen består av tilsvarende mange bilder for å best kunne illustrere hvordan verktøyet fungerer på ulike dekk.

Hele omtalen av Coily Tool finner du ved å klikke linken under;


Mi-Pod, et brilliant lite podsystem!

Perfekt for både nybegynnere & viderekomne!


Mi-Pod er uten tvil et svært godt alternativ til både nybegynneren og for den erfarne.
Jeg var heldig i Mai på Vaper Expo i Birmingham hvor jeg fikk tak i to stk. Mi-Pod – en til meg selv og en til min mor.

Mi-Pod er en lekker liten sak som kommer i en smakfull innpakning, det eneste du trenger utenom er din favorittjuice.
Den er enkel å ha med seg, den er ekstremt brukervennlig og den er jo bare råflott!


Mi-One, Mi-Pod og Swan Vaporizer er produsert og utgitt av det amerikanske selskapet SV ~ Smoking Vapor.
SV har siden etableringen rukket å bli en tungvekter på e-sigarettmarkedet, og gjennom samarbeid med bla. «GrimmGreen» aka Nick Green, har de utgitt en egen Mi-Pod med GrimmGreen’s logo og farger. Dette stuntet var nok avgjørende for populariteten av Mi-produktene, og SV har siden da utviklet en mengde forskjellige «finisher» på samtlige Mi-vaporizere.

Men nok om selskapet, det er jo ikke dem dette skrivet handler om

En omfattende produktomtale kan leses her;