Wotofo Profile Unity RTA

A collaboration between WOTOFO, Mr.JustRight1 & The Vapor Chronicles.

In August 2018, WOTOFO and Mr.JustRight1 released the Profile RDA. It was one of the first RDAs using mesh coils as default in the opposite of standard round wire coils. Then, in March 2019 and now with the engagement of The Vapor Chronicles, an innovative rebuildable tank atomizer with unique features was released.
We’re having a look at the Profile Unity RTA!

WOTOFO Profile Unity RTA

WOTOFO Technology Co. LTD

This product was kindly sent from WOTOFO Technology Co,. LTD for the purpose of this review. The main goal of this review is to increase the knowledge within the audience and readers about said product. WOTOFO is not a sponsor of this website, this is not a paid review nor am I part of WOTOFO’s affiliate program. The sole purpose of this review is to educate the audience on the product and its use.


This innovative RTA was released to the public in March, 2019.
It was the result of a natural and successful collaboration between WOTOFO, Mr.JustRight1 and The Vapor Chronicles who combined the Profile RDA with the Unity project, which resulted in the Profile Unity RTA. Since its release it has raised the bar for the use of mesh in RDA’s and RTA’s. The Profile Unity RTA features a unique deck-chamber securing smooth airflow and constant feed of liquid to the cotton.

The build deck on the Profile Unity RTA is an optimized design from the Profile RDA.
When I say optimized, I mean that the deck itself no longer have a juice well like the Profile RDA did. The creators have instead made room for the wicking slots for your cotton to soak up all the liquid that comes flowing through the designated holes inside the chamber. This RTA have an adjustable side airflow that makes a hard stop when turned around, offering you a good airflow customization.

Unlike other popular RTAs on the market, this airflow and liquid control system isn’t very common.
We have only seen this type of design a few times before which makes the idea kind of ingenious. The RTA consists of a double wall chamber with a sealed inner section to let the air come through but also let the e-liquid pass through to your cotton. Another clever solution is how they have reduced the chamber pressure so that you no longer need to close off the airflow control in order to fill up the tank, meaning no more leakage.

Profile Unity build deck with mesh installed.


The Profile Unity RTA makes excellent use of WOTOFO’s own mesh sheet or the provided nexMesh from OFRF.
Both of these mesh types are made of Kanthal A1 and the dimensions of the sheets are 16*6.8mm. One of the main differences in the sheets are the spreading of the puncture holes whereas WOTOFO’s own branded mesh has larger but fewer puncture holes than the nexMesh from OFRF.

The sheets runs at different power levels as well;
WOTOFO’s own brand has a power range of 45-65W while OFRF nexMesh runs best at 60-70W. While the sheets are equally good, they do have different resistance ohming out at 0.18 and 0.13 offering you a personalized vaping experience.

Just like the Profile RDA, the Profile Unity RTA also has a small spring loaded ceramic block placed in the center of the deck. This block is there to secure constant contact between the cotton and the mesh, preventing you from getting a burnt taste or regrettably a dry hit. After some use on high wattage you may experience that the cotton starts to slightly collapse, this is where the spring loaded ceramic block will show its true feature by pushing the cotton up towards the mesh forcing contact.

This RTA is intuitive in use and smart in its looks, offering clever solutions to every flavor chasing builder. It is no surprise that mesh is on the increase of popularity as this tiny sheet of metal, if used right, will give you a very saturated and enjoyable vape.


The chamber of the Profile Unity RTA is domed out, which we know will increase the flavor of your vape.
The installed pyrex glass tank will hold 3.5ml of e-liquid but it can be extended to 5.0ml using the included non-bubble glass tank and the provided chimney tube. Keep in mind though that when using the extension tube and the 5ml glass instead of the smaller 3.5ml glass, you might notice a minuscule decline of flavor due to the longer chimney.

Depending on your preferences, you might actually find yourself favoring the extension glass experience. Not only because of the extra liquid capacity, but also because of the slightly less intense spread of flavor. To fill the RTA, you simply unscrew the bayonet fitted top cap with one twist and dump your desired e-liquid through the spacious kidney-shaped holes.

The provided drip tip is made out of sturdy and beautiful resin.
It is a 810 fitting without the o-ring on the drip tip itself, meaning any of your 810 or Goon fitted drip tips will work perfectly on this RTA. The box does not include a 510-adapter, but then again why would it – mesh coils needs lots of air to prevent burnt cotton and dry hits which means an 810 drip tip will be more compatible. The color of the drip tip varies depending on which color RTA you have purchased.

How to coil & wick the Profile Unity RTA.

While we all have heard the horror stories about mesh and dry hits, I have yet to experience the much dreaded dry hit on this RTA. Coiling and wicking isn’t very hard at all, but there are a few things to be aware of before you take your first high wattage hit on your newly purchased RTA.

WOTOFO provides everything you need to get started.
Dismantle all the parts of the RTA and place the deck base on your regulated mod or ohm reader. Take the provided mesh sheet and gently bend it over the thicker part of the provided bending tool. This will give you a precise angle on the mesh and it is now ready to be placed on the deck. Unscrew the clamps and gently place the mesh in between the clamps. Tighten the screws while you’re making sure the mesh is aligned with the clamps and the ceramic block underneath. Dry burn the mesh on very low wattage, max 40w. Pulse it very quickly a few times until the mesh is glowing from the inside out. Let the mesh cool down before you install the cotton.

Your choice of cotton is optional.
You may use any cotton of your preference as long as you make sure it is at least 6mm thick. It may sound like a lot of cotton but trust me, you do not want to use anything thinner than that. The thickness is due to make good contact between the cotton and the mesh, and if you prefer to use a thicker roll of cotton then feel free to do that. For the purpose of this review I have used WOTOFO’s own XFiber cotton. While carefully teasing one end of the cotton through the installed mesh, make sure that the mesh doesn’t move out of place or gets damaged or bent by you pulling the cotton through. When the cotton is through, pull it back and forth a few times making sure there is no clog underneath the mesh.

Take your scissors and align it towards the wicking retainer on the RTA base. Yikes, are you sure about that!? Seems to be an awful lot of wasted cotton! Yes, I am certain about this. Cut the cotton where it meets the wicking retainer. Now straighten out the cotton fibers and carefully floof it with your coiling tool, you will now have the shape of a floofy bow tie. Place the scissors on top of the cotton down on an angle, as shown in this picture. Cut the cotton as marked. Now trim off any extra cotton as you see fit and then take your desired e-liquid and gently soak the cotton.
When the cotton is saturated you will want to tease it in place. It needs to gently rest on the wicking ports, not clogging it up, so don’t stuff the cotton down the port – let it carefully rest halfway down. This will create the dam method of wicking, where the cotton is constantly resting on the e-liquid which will feed it up towards the mesh. If you stuff your cotton down in the wicking ports, it will suffocate the channel which in turn will give you a dry hit. The trick here is to make sure the cotton is constantly saturated and the dam method will do just that.

When the cotton is placed and soaked, you will want to push the fire button a few times while still dripping e-liquid onto the mesh and cotton. This will break in the cotton securing that it’s fully saturated in the middle as well. To assemble the RTA back together again you will have to unscrew the RTA base off of your mod or ohm reader. When that is done you can now assemble everything back together, fill it up and have a vape!

Profile Unity build deck with all of the cotton!
Lots and lots of cotton!

What is in the box?

It is obvious that WOTOFO, Mr.JustRight1 and TVC are trying to satisfy a wide range of vapers.
The Profile Unity project is in many ways a love affair and the contents of the box clearly shows a lot of effort and will to please.

In the box;

In the box you will find;

x1 Profile Unity RTA.
x1 5ml non-bubble glass tank.
x1 5ml tube (chimney) adapter.
x1 bending tool to bend your mesh.
x1 Philips head screwdriver.
1x user manual.
1 bag containing two nexMesh Coils (0.13 ohm).
1 bag containing two pieces of 6mm Agleted Cotton.
1 bag of spare o-rings, spare screws and spare springs.

The Profile Unity RTA is available in 6 different colors;
Black, Gun Metal, Stainless, Blue, Gold and Rainbow. Current retail price is about $39.99 or the equivalent in other currencies.

The RTA has a diameter of 25mm at the base, which means that if you are using it on a mod that is less than 25mm on the top, the RTA will overhang just a tiny little bit. Most modern mods however will fit the Profile Unity RTA with no problem, as 25mm or above is more or less the modern standard.

The RTA has an overall height of 48.5mm but that includes the provided drip tip. The RTA itself is about 40mm tall (without the drip tip and 510 pin). The 510 pin is protruding quite a bit, making it theoretically possible to use it on a mechanical mod. I would however strongly advise you not to use this RTA on a mech mod as this is after all an RTA using mesh sheets that ohms out very low.

My final thoughts on the Profile Unity RTA

The Profile Unity is a bit poetic.
This RTA came into existence due to the dedicated passion and will to solve issues that many others have chosen to ignore. The form factor of this RTA is innovative and I would expect nothing less from a company such as WOTOFO. The Profile Unity RTA is just as unforgiving as it is pleasing, it demands your effort and creativity. If you are worthy, you will be rewarded with a very saturated and satisfying vape.

I will admit I am not an RTA user. I prefer RDA’s as they have until now, provided me with the most satisfying vape. The Profile Unity RTA will not give you a true RDA experience, but it sure will try to compete with your favorites. I appreciate that and I’m surprised at how well this RTA preforms.

When wicked correctly, you can chain vape this RTA on relatively high wattage, and the cotton will actually keep up preventing you from getting the very much dreaded dry hit. And believe me, a dry hit on standard round wire coils is nothing like the dry hit you can get from mesh. Getting your wicking right is crucial on this RTA and it’s not as hard as one would fear. It just takes a little bit of practice and I feel confident that most vapers would nail this within their first couple of tries.

Speaking of wicking. WOTOFO also sent a box of their XFiber organic cotton to try out with this RTA. Personally I have been true to Cotton Bacon Prime for about a year now, but honestly I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of XFiber. The cotton is meant to be primarily used in the Profile RDA and the Profile Unity RTA but I am sure you can use it in other tanks and drippers as well. There is no break-in time with the XFiber, it has absolutely no flavor (other than your added e-liquid) and it holds the liquid pretty darn well! The only con I could find with this cotton is the box itself as it’s actually a bit tricky to open. And of course, me being a total environmentalist, I would prefer the cotton ends being without the plastic sealing. The last con is strictly a subjective con though and I understand that some would find the added plastic easier to work with.

Profile Unity RTA by WOTOFO, Mr.JustRight1 & The Vapor Chronicles.

I am very much enjoying the Profile Unity RTA and I do see myself using it when out and about. It holds a fair bit of liquid and I have not experienced any leakage from it, which is a massive plus in my book. It won’t replace my RDA’s, but it is a very much welcomed addition to the collection. The Profile Unity is a tall RTA with the 5ml glass extension tank installed, but it’s far from being obnoxiously huge. And because of the spare glass not being a bubble tank, the RTA looks rather classy, almost a little high end. Which is another plus, the looks. It does look rather stealthy all murdered out on my black mod, it’s almost a little sexy which is a rarity when it comes to mainstream RTA’s.

The resin drip tip really compliments the RTA. The fact that WOTOFO has chosen an 810 drip tip without the o-ring on it, means that you can accessorize your RTA with any of your favorite 810’s. I do wish that they would have included a 510-adapter and a 510 drip tip, as I would imagine some vapers finding the 810 uncomfortable to use. This is primarily down to user preferences and knowing that mesh needs lots of airflow, I do understand why the creators chose not to include this in the spares.

On the subject of spares. It would have been nice to a see a couple of flat head or hex screws in addition to the philips heads. This is once again down to user preferences and not really a true con. The provided philips head screws works perfectly fine if you use the provided screwdriver. If you are like me however and want to keep as few tools as possible in your inventory, non of my philips heads nor my flat head screwdrivers do actually fit the RTA’s thumbscrews. Which I find very surprising because I have a lot of tools from other drippers and tanks laying about. I can nevertheless live with the philips heads, it only means that I am now one mini-tool richer and must always keep it around when using this RTA.

All in all I am having the hardest time finding true cons on the Profile Unity RTA.
It is a well thought-out atomizer that not only looks beautiful, but preforms equally great. Whichever type of mesh you are using in this RTA, you are certain to get a satisfying vape as the small metal sheet will provide an even spread, «moist» vape. I do not see mesh ever replacing the old school round wire coils in RDAs and RTAs, but it is exciting to see innovation in the field of building. Mesh as an addition to standard coils is very welcome and I hope to see more of this in the future!

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